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Colored Toilet Seats – Brighten Your Bathroom

We normally stick to looking at specific brands and models on our site, but we’ve had a few questions about finding matching toilet seats in recent months. Did you know that the average person can spend anywhere between 1-4 years in the bathroom during their life? This is not a joke, and is an official statistic believe it or not! This is a substantial part of your life, especially considering it is in bathroom of all places.

Most bathrooms are quite bland and boring, and are not really designed to be comfortable or relaxing. Generally they are designed so you can do whatever you need to do, then leave. If you think of it this way, they can almost be thought of as prisons. Imagine being trapped in your bathroom for several years – what could you do to make it more appealing? The first thing many people would consider is to add a bit of color to brighten it up. This is where colored toilet seats come in. They are cheap, and add vibrance to your bathroom!

Why would you want a dull cream seat, when there are such a wide variety of lovely colors out there? They are also especially appealing to kids, and this makes potty training a lot easier.

Will they match your decor?

Colored Toilet Seat SelectionSince they come in such a big range of colors, you should have no problems with finding one that matches your style or decor. Green toilet seats, blue toilet seats, red toilet seats, and black seats are but a small example of some of the great colors you can expect to find out there. All the mentioned colors are quite popular, although these are only solid colors, and there are thousands of other solid colors combined with variations of them.

To add to this you also find colored toilet seats which come with prints and patterns, which leads to a huge choice of seats to consider. There are thousands of different colorful seats out there, but if you can’t find the perfect one to suit your house then you can find a company who will custom build one to your specifications. This is not uncommon, but be prepared to pay quite a bit extra for this service.

Who makes them?

Besides the massive array of color choices, there are quite a few good companies who manufacture them. Some of the companies known to make good quality toilet seats include Comfort Seats, Sanderson Plumbing, Bemis Mayfair, Ality Limited and Invacare. These are some of the reputable brands of colored toilet seats out there. There are many other cheap manufacturers of toilet seats, but is it really worth saving a dollar or two, especially if your toilet seat could break after a few months? Many of these toilet seats are made in third world countries, so the labour involved in making them is also very questionable. Rather go with a brand you can trust, and who has been in business for a long time.

What should you expect to pay for them?

Next we will talk about what you can expect to pay for your toilet seat. You don’t need to worry much, as colored seats are often quite affordable. As a starting point you could get a cheap one for about $20, and there aren’t many models that will cost over $100. There are a few very premium models out there for the people out there who are not concerned about the price, but the added benefit is worth considering. Expect to pay in the region of $40 for an average seat which should last you for many years. This is only a rough guide though, so be prepared to fork out a little more for a high quality seat.

How can I match my toilet eat color?

Bemis Color Direct Seat KitIf you are looking for a seat to match your decor, then perhaps something worth considering is the Bemis Color Direct Kit. This may seem a little pricey, but Bemis is a very reputable brand. The kit costs about $72.99 if you have a circular seat, and around $79.99 if you have an elongated seat. The way it works is you buy the kit, which comes along with the color guide of 94 colors. You then use the booklet to try and match the color you are looking for. Once you know what color you want, you then head over to the website and place your order. Your new toilet seat will then arrive in the post a week or so later. It is also worth mentioning that the seat can also be ordered by post if you don’t want to do it online.

This particular Bemis seat use either the Bemis 200SLOWT (round seat) or the Bemis 1200SLOWT (elongated seat) as a base. These seats are identical except for the size. They are made out of plastic, and are part of their premium line range. These seats both have a durable finish, which is designed to be dent, chip and scratch resistant. They also comes with whisper close technology, which is very handy if you have young kids and you don’t want them to slam their fingers under the lid. It is also handy if you use the bathroom late at night, and you don’t want to wake anyone else up by accidentaly dropping the lid.

This seat also features the Easy Clean technology, which allows you to remove the seat in seconds for simple cleaning. And one final feature worth mentioning is the STA-TITE system, which ensures your seat locks perfectly in place and never shifts from side to side. This particular kit has many good reviews, so it certainly seems like a good choice if you have a specific color you are trying to match. You can find out more about it over here.


With all this in mind, is there any reason why you should buy a bland cream seat? Considering they are roughly the same price, it’s hard to come up with a reason not to buy more appealing colored toilet seats. They liven up your bathroom, and get rid of the dull look and feel in there. If you want to go further, you could get colored shower curtains, or towels to match the seat. Your imagination is the limit, so let it run wild.
Home decor is the lastest craze, and the bathroom area is no exception. Many people neglect this area, but make sure you don’t and your family will thank you for it. Choose wisely, and a colorful new seat for your toilet can add a great look and feel to your bathroom.

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