Perfect Flame Grills

Perfect Flame Grills

There are hundreds of different barbeque models on the market today, ranging from budget models to expensive space age type varities. Perfect Flame Grills are on the more affordable side of this spectrum, and they have been a popular choice at Lowes for many years. Like most goods these days, this range of barbeques were made in China. However most of the big brand barbeques are made in China these days, so don’t let that put you off. The majority of the models in their product line were almost half the price of some of the bigger brand name models such as Weber, which make them a very attractive option for anyone who likes to barbeque. Thanks to this they have risen greatly in popularity over the years, but compared to some of the bigger brands of barbeques there doesn’t seem to be that much info about them available online. They have also been phased out in recent years, so getting replacelment parts for this grills is also becoming a bit tricky. The fact that they are phased out also means anyone looking for info on these models will not be able to find out much about them. In this article we will look at a few of their more popular models, to give you an idea of what they are like. Hopefully this will be a good resource for anyone looking for info on this range of barbeques.

Perfect Flame Grill recall

Perfect Flame Grill Recall TableNow before we start we should also mention that the Perfect Flame grill brand has been a bit tarnished since 2009 when a recall was issued for several models in their lineup, mainly related to faulty burners.  Some of the recalled models also had their lids replaced in addition to the burners, as this was also seen as a fire risk.

On the right is a list of all the models affected by the recall. As you can see, the models affected all come from the SLG product line. These models were singled out due to poorly designed burners, which would sometimes fail and cause the grill to go up in flames. Now it certainly goes without saying that this is a serious fire hazard, and therefore quite dangerous for anyone using these grills. Roughly 650,000 models were recalled overall, which should give you an idea of how popular this particular brand really was. In most cases the burners were simply replaced which fixed this issue.
However this list does not include all the other SLG model varities that were sold, so it seems like some of the SLG models are still safe to use. It goes without saying that the SLG models listed in this table should be avoided for obvious reasons, unless of course the burners/lids have already been replaced. However that still leaves quite a few other unaffected SLG models which are fine for use. Many of these other models were quite highly rated, so don’t discount the Perfect Flame Grill brand completely. Now lets take a look at two of the more popular models from that lineup.

Perfect Flame Grill 2518SL-LPG

First up we are going to have a look at the 2518SL-LPG model. This is a middle of the range model, which retailed for a well priced $399. It is a four burner unit, and comes with a very respectable 53,000 BTU. It has quite a decent cooking size at 600 square inches, and has the space to cook 28 burgers at once. In addition it has a 13,500 BTU side burner, which features a cast brass insert. The cart has a fully enclosed design, and it has a stainless steel finish with a stainless steel cooking surface. With these kinds of specs, it is quite hard to believe the price of $399 which is really great value for money. Overall this was a decent affordable choice for many folks, and you will have a hard time finding something similar in this day and age.

Perfect Flame Grill E3520-LPG

Now if you are looking for something a little more fancy, then the E3520-LPG model may be what you are looking for. It has quite a few upgrades over the 218SL-LPG model, while only costing around $200 more or so at $597. It is a five burner unit, and comes with an overall output of 55,750 BTU. The total cooking surface is 928 square inches, which allows you to cook up to 40 burgers at a time. It has a 13,500 side burner with cast brass insert, and it also features 16,000 BTU infrared sear burner with a 10,000 BTU rotisserie burner. There are several other upgrades on this model that are also worth mentioning. The first upgrade on this model is the smoke box and warmer drawer, both of which can come in very handy. For those of you who like to barbeqye in the evenings, the built in halogen lights on this model will definitely make your cooking task much easier. Aside from that there is also the double wall hoods and doors, both of which enhance the construction quality of this model. And lastly there is the glossy porcelain cast iron cooking surface, which again is quite a nice upgrade compared to the cheaper models. Overall this model was certainly a very popular choice in this price range, since it offered a variety of premium features at a very affordable rate. The larger capacity and cooking surface is perfect for those large family gatherings, and with a retail price of under $600 it is quite easy to see why many people see this model as a winner.


So that is a quick look at two of the more popular models in their product range. Unfortunately you will have a hard time finding these for sale new anymore, but they do often pop up on Ebay or Craigslist if you are looking for one. Despite the backlash they have received in the media for the problems surrounding the recalled models, they are still a very affordable choice if you can find one second hand. Be sure to check the model number first though, to ensure you don’t get one of the recalled models.

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