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Costco Garage Doors – A Popular Budget Option

Costco sell a huge variety of products in the United States, and they are well known for producing a range of quality affordable goods. Of course this also includes Costco Garage Doors, and they have many different models on offer at fantastic prices. But when it comes to a pricey investment such as a garage door, can you trust Costco to provide you with something that will hold up to the elements over the years? Let’s take a look at that in detail below.

Who makes Costco Garage Doors?

Now it is important to mention that like most goods they sell, Costco branded garage doors are outsourced to someone else. The finished doors then have a Costco badge slapped onto the finished product. So the million dollar question is who actually manufactures them? And the answer – a company called Amarr. Amarr is well known in the diy industry for producing decent quality garage doors, and they have been doing so since 1951 when they first started making doors. Amarr is an American based company, and all the doors are locally produced in the United States which is definitely something we support. Interestingly, Lowes have also done the same thing, having trusted Amarr to produce their popular range of Reliabilt Garage Doors. The range of products is actually quite similar between the two of these companies, but not identical.

From our understanding, most of the Costco doors come with a lifetime warranty, as opposed to the often 15-25 years offered with Reliabilt. This is quite a big selling point, especially considering the price differences between these two similar product lines is quite minimal. Currently Cosco offer a range of 5 different product lines for their garage doors, all of which cater from the budget to the top of the line models.
So lets move on now, and take a look at some of the more popular models they have for sale.

Costco Heritage Collection

Costco Heritage Collection

If you are looking for a panel steel door design, then the Costco Heritage collection may be what you are after. This door is made out of heavy guage steel, and comes with either single, double and triple layer insulation. There are four different panel designs to pick from, and the choice of four different windows designs, or you could simple opt for the windowless option. There are 7 different color choices to choose from including standard white, and ranging to different wood shades such as oak and mahogany.

The Heritage collection range in R-Values of 6.64 for the single layer doors, up to 9.05 for the triple layer models. These are classified as low maintenance doors, which is one of the big advantages of steel. In addition to this, they come with a lifetime warranty. With a good design and competitive pricing, it is quite easy to see why this is one of Costcos best selling garage doors.

Costco By Design Collection

Costco By Design CollectionNow lets shift our focus onto their wooden garage door collection. This is know as the “By Design” collection, and they come in range of different options. There are 5 different door designs to choose from, including panel and carriage designs. There are four different kinds of wood to pick from including two incence, clear vertical range cedar, red grandis, and mahogany. This collection only has one kind of insulation construction which has an R-value of 9, which is still somewhat respectable in terms of insulation. Also offered with the door are 5 ranges of decorative hardware which helps to give it a unique look, but these are optional extras.

Since these are wooden doors, they do only come with a one year warranty. If you intend to buy wooden garage doors, then you will know this is a relatively standard industry wide warranty on wooden doors. These are also classified as high maintenance, but again that should not be new info for anyone in the market for one! With many different designs and wood options, the By Design collection is certainly an affordable means to create your ideal wooden garage door.

Costco Classica Collection

Costco Classica Collection

If you are looking for a a traditional carriage design, then the Costco Classica range of steel doors is another good choice. This product line has 7 different door choices, and 12 different design options for the window area including 3 closed off options, and 9 window choices. You can pick from a range of single solid colors, or you can go for one of the seven listed two tone designs. Within the two tone design range are 7 different color combinations, so there are a huge variety of different choices you can make.

Like the Heritage steel doors, these come in three different insulation layers ranging in R-values from 6.64 all the way up to 13.35 for the 3 layer model. If you want to spice up the look of the door a bit you can do that by choosing one of the 14 optional extra decorative hardware. The other factor these have in common is the warranty, which is an enticing lifetime warranty. With some many different designs and color choices, it becomes clear why Costco sells a lot of these garage doors!


So that is a brief look at three of the most popular collections of Costco Garage Doors. As you can there are a big range to pick from, and there should be a style to cater for virtually everyone out there. In addition to the great warranties, most of the doors also have some great safety features such as the patented Safe Guard finger protection built in, and of course Wind Load protection (if required by the building code). And don’t forget the pricetag, which is undoubtably the most enticing part for many folks.

Amarr has certainly done a great job in making these doors for Costco, and it gives you some peace of mind to know that these are American made. With all these great features and an affordable price, these garage doors definitely seem like a winner in our eyes.

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  1. Vincent. Spoto

    I am looking to have 2 garage doors installed at my home in East Hampton, NY (21 Hedges Banks Drive, East Hampton NY, 11793). Size: 9’x7′ (I believe); I had the home built 20 years ago and I believe the builder used standard stock wood panel composite doors – (which are now beginning to rot). I am looking for white (colonial style with Stockton style glass – this is from the Wayne Dalton catalogue). Vinyl / Steel – I am not sure what you carry and recommend.

    I also need 1 overhead garage door opener (the Lift Master opener on the other door is fine), along with a keypad that is wifi enabled that can be activated using my smart phone.

    Please give me a price for the doors with installation, along with a price for the 1 overhead opener and the wifi enabled keypad / remote. (I assume the installation includes replacement of the existing rubber around the doors).

    Please let me know the estimated wait time to have the job done – I am looking to have the installation done this summer (July/August 2021).

    Thank you.

    Vincent Spoto
    616-637-0371 (mobil)

  2. Jennifer Bunting

    Please contact me re a new garage door

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