Reliabilt Doors

Reliabilt Doors

When it comes to purchasing new interior or exterior doors, Reliabilt Doors is a brand that many people will consider. This is the brand sold by Lowes, and provides an affordable way to enhance your home with attractive new doors. Today we will be talking about these doors, and taking a look at some of the more popular models in that product line. Of course there will be some concerns about the reliability when it comes to buying cheaper doors such as these, so you may be concerned as to how well they will hold up. Now Reliabilt doors is not essentially a company on its own – they sell doors which are made by other companies. These rebranded doors then have a Reliabilt badge slapped onto them, and are sold onto Lowes. So in order to answer the question of build quality, we need to take a look at the companies who actually make these doors in the first place.

Who actually makes the doors?

From our understanding there are two companies that manufacture these doors. The bulk of the entry doors are all made by a company called Jeld Wen. The interior doors seem to be made by a company called Masonite inc. Now let’s have a quick look at these two companies. Jeld Wen has a company history dating back to the 1960s, when the company was initially formed. The company was formed in Oregon, and started out with a modest 15 employees. Today there are more than 20,000 people working for them, and they have manufacturing and distribution points all over the USA and in 20 countries.
Masonite inc has an even longer history dating back to the 1920s, when the founder William H Mason discovered a means to make a cost effective building material out of woodchips (otherwise known as Masonite). Since then the company has grown all over the world, with their headquarters now based out of Tampa, Florida.
While we don’t think it is too important to go over each company’s entire history, there are one or two facts worth mentioning. The first is that these are two American run companies, which is something we think is definitely worth pointing out. And secondly they both have a rather long and reputable history, so in our eyes it does seem like they are both brands worth considering.
Now let’s take a look at some of the more popular models in the Reliabilt product range.

ReliaBilt Oval Lite Prehung Inswing Steel Entry Door

To kick things off we are going to look at a steel entry door. Reliabilt have roughly 450 steel entry doors in total, compared to around 300 fiberglass models. This model is 36” x 80” in size, and retails for around $300. It has an attractive ¾ oval window design on the front, and the window is made out of tempered glass. It is made out of corrosive resistant steel, and has a polystyrene core to improve insulation. It comes with two paints of baked on enamel primer, so you can finish it off in any color with ease. This is an energy certified door, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. With these features it is easy to see why it is one of Reliabilts most popular steel door models.

ReliaBilt Half Lite Decorative Arctic White Prehung Inswing Fiberglass Entry Door

Next up we take a look at one of the more popular fiberglass models available. This prehung door measures in at 36” x 80”, and comes with a pricetag of around $900. Although this is one of their more expensive models, it is still fairly good value for money compared to other fiberglass entry doors. This is a very attractive door, and comes with a rectangular glass insert design. It comes pre-painted in an artic white color, and has a steel plate attached to the exterior of the door frame for additional security. It comes treated with Auralast on the jambs, door frame and brickmould, which provides a lifetime warranty against any termites or rot. This door is of course Energy Star qualified, and is designed to be low maintenance and energy efficient. It may be a little pricey, but it certainly adds a lot of class to your home.

ReliaBilt 300 Series 70.75-in Clear Glass Vinyl Sliding Patio Door

Patio doors are a big seller for Reliabilt, as they produce over 1500 different models alone. These come in all shapes and sizes, and we will be having a look at the more budget orientated 300 series model. This is an energy efficient vinyl sliding mode, which comes with tempered insulated glass panels. The frame and sash corner are fully welded, which makes it strong and durable against harsh weather. Since it is vinyl it is more or less maintenance free, and it is Energy Star certified. There certainly isn’t anything fancy about this particular door, but it is a solid and straightforward design. With a retail price of around $300, it is easy to see why this model is one of the most popular patio doors in their product lineup.

ReliaBilt 6-Panel Hollow Core Textured Bored Interior Slab Door

The bulk of Reliabilts products are interior doors, as they produce a huge range of over 5000 different varieties. This hollow core door is one of their best sellers, as it comes with a very enticing price of around $40. It has a classic looking 6 panel design which measures in at 30” x 80”, and comes with a realistic textured finish. It is factory primed, so is ready to paint with your choice of color. In addition to this it is resistant to shrinking, cracking and warping. Like most other interior doors it is pre-bored, so you simply need to pick out your lockset and install it. Aside from that it is a fairly basic door, but for $40 it is hard to complain. It certainly is good value for money, and you can see why it is one of their best sellers.


So that is a brief look at some of the more popular Reliabilt exterior and interior doors. As you can see there are a huge variety to pick from, and they are a very affordable option. They are made by reputable American companies, so we think they are a good choice. We have only heard good things about them this far, so it seems they are certainly worth a look.

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  1. Looking for 4 Pannel square cut door 1 3/8 hollow core Doors will need 12 of them can you help me out thank you

  2. i have been looking every where for a specific door built by rb and cannot find it any where lowes does not sell it any more and the stores that carry building supplies here in hot springs ar does not carry that size door and cannot help me It is a fiberglass door 771/2 by 34 and has beveled glass could you please contact me

  3. I am looking for a sliding door with louvers 48×80 pre hung. Can any one help? Have looked everywhere and cam only find Louver doors in a bifold door. Need Louver as it will be a sliding door to the furnace room and the Louver will be the ventilation needed to this area.

  4. I have the French exterior doors but the weatherstripping is damaged. I can’t find the product to replace it. Please advise.

  5. I need a bottom track for a sliding mirror door that I purchased from Lowe’s.

  6. I want to know if you can have interior grids for my 10 light exterior door that I want to order and I want to have my door painted!

  7. We bought 7 sliders from Lowes, Reliabilt Brand and had them installed by a contractor. He was not a specialized contractor for doors and windows and did not install them properly. I contacted Lowes and they did a great job of follow up, but Reliabilt kept blowing them and me off. I am so dissapointed in their customer service. We finally had an independent install come and show us what was wrong and part of it was a simple plastic shipping item inside the frame that looked like a bumper to us. If reliabilt would have simply taken the time to call us and talk us through this, we would not have had 3 months of dealing with this. So dissapointed in this company!

  8. I purchased a sliding door from Lowe’s, has no hardware to hung the door, went back to Lowes to ask about hardware all hardware had been taken out of doors that were on the floor, but packaging doesn’t tell you that you have to purchases hardware separate. The manager at Lowe’s told me that unless it was special order, the hardware was an extra purchase. This should be stated on the packaging, so you know that was to be purchased the door you can the hardware before you leave the store, so there is not an extra trip made..

  9. I am searching for a sliding door that is listed in Lowe’s website but do not carry any. It’s a sliding door 8689 model number 240011.

  10. Hi !! We are looking for two ( 2 ) glass insert HARLOW !/2 light patina for our double entrance doors. Talking to people at Lowes did not give any result. Thank you ,Nick Kelcec

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