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Pella French Doors – Ageless Elegance

In this article we will be looking at Pella french doors. Our aim today is to give you all the information you need when trying to pick out the ideal french door for your home. So what type will suit your home? How much should you expect to pay? Keep reading to find out more.

A brief history of Pella

For those of you out there that would like to know a little about the history of Pella, we will provide a quick rundown of their history. This might help you if you don’t know too much about their reputation, and would like to know if they sell products you can really trust. Those of you who aren’t interested in this can skip right onto the next section.

Pella as a company has been around for almost a century now, and was founded in 1925. The started life off as a company called Rolscreen in 1925. This was largely due to its popular Rolscreen window screen that can be hidden away when not in use. We then fast forward a few decades to 1992. The company is re-branded to Pella, which is to better showcase the wide variety of products that they now offer. Their product line today comprises many different items such as doors, windows and window screens. With such a wealth of experience in the door market, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product when you purchase a Pella door.
Pella products are proudly made in the USA, and are fully committed to provide an affordable American made product to the public.

What are the advantages of french doors?

French doorsThere are a few reasons people choose french doors over traditional ones. You get both interior and exterior models.
In terms of exterior models, they are for the most part used to create a seamless transition between home and garden. These are commonly used in place of sliding glass patio doors to create a more dramatic effect when entering or leaving the house. Since Pella french doors feature glass panes, they provide all the benefits of a sliding glass door while still retaining the classy and elegant look of a normal door.

Most french doors come in the double size variety, and can open either outward or inward. The glass planes are another main feature, as they provide much more natural light that a traditional door would. They also allow you to admire the beauty of the garden from the inside instead of staring at the back of a door.

When it comes to interior models, these are mainly used to create an elegant appearance for the inside where you need a door and natural light at the same time. They are quite good for rooms such as the lounge or the dining room where you don’t necessarily need that much privacy, but would like to keep the natural lighting to a maximum.

Many folks buy a french door to replace the standard glass patio door. However a common misconception people have is assuming that you won’t find a door big enough to replace standard sliding glass doors. The good news is that you can get sliding french doors now too, otherwise know as the bi fold french doors. So this means if the space is too big to be occupied by the hinged type, you could buy bi fold french door instead. Another good thing about buying french doors is that they add value to your home. If you ever decide it is time to move elsewhere, the doors can be seen as a good feature to prospective buyers.

What type of materials do they come in?

If you want to purchase a french door for your house, then you will find they come in a range of different materials. So how would you decide what is best for your house? One small tip is to look at your window and frames, as these are normally designed to be similar to the doors. You should lookout for something similar to keep the design standard throughout the house.
If you are looking for interior Pella french doors, then you will find that popular materials they come in include MDF (masonite) and pine. These are both perfectly fine for indoor usage.

In terms of exterior door materials, there are quite a few to choose from. If you want something very strong then steel is a good choice. There are various grades of strong wood choices you can also pick from such as white oak, douglas fir, cedar and mahogany. All these are naturally decay resistant, so they would all make fairly good choices in terms of durability. Steels is generally maintenance free so it is a popular choice. Wooden Pella french doors tend to look more stylish, but remember that they should be varnished every few years, particularly at the top and bottom to avoid getting damaged by the elements.

Popular models – Pella Designer Series 750 door

Pella Designer Series 750 doorPella have a huge variety of different models for sale, so it is a bit hard to pinpoint the best models. However in terms of user ratings, the Pella Designer Series 750 door is a popular choice. Now the nice thing about this particular model is the customibility which you can apply to it. For the interior section there are 8 different kinds of stain, and three colors to pick from (including the option for a primed ready to paint door).  For the exterior section you have around 27 different colors to pick from, so lots of different options here.

This door also makes use of Pellas “Snap in blinds”, which allows you to quickly and easily change the blinds on this door. There are also around 8 different grill patterns to choose from to make the ideal door for your home. Add in Pellas “Insulshield” glass for the best energy saving ability, and you have a quality door. With an average star rating of 4.48 out of almost 2000 reviews, it is easy to see why this door is a popular choice.

How much do Pella French doors cost?

For a decent door, you can expect to pay around $250 for a interior door, although the MDF type doors tend to be a little cheaper. For a steel exterior Pella door, you are looking at in the range of about $400. The price will vary depending on what material you choose, but that is more or less a good ballpark figure to go on.
You can find them for sale at most big retailers at fair prices. You can also find them for sale online, and the advantage of this is that you can compare the price between various sites.


Remember to try to find something that matches your current decor, and you will be sure to find Pella french doors that will look great and last many years to come!

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