Reliabilt Garage Doors

Reliabilt Garage Doors

Reliabilt is a brand name that is often associated with Lowes, and many people think that this is their own brand which can’t be found anywhere else. This is both true and false. Reliabilt garage doors are a brand that is specifically made for Lowes, however these garage doors are actually made by a company called Amarr. Amarr is a company who also sell their own range of garage doors. Amarr garage doors are simply rebranded as Reliabilt, then shipped off to Lowes to be sold. So the real question is how good or reliable are the range of Amarr products?
The good news is that Amarr is an American based company, so this is the first reason to consider them. The second reason is that these garage door models are all made in America, so these are not some cheap products where all kinds of corners have been cut to make them affordable. And thirdly they all come with very respectable warranties, ranging from 15-25 years which is quite competitive. These reasons make them quite tempting to buy, especially at the low prices they are sold at in Lowes. We should also mention that some of the Reliabilt models qualify for a tax credit, and these include the 500 Model, the 850 Model and the 900 Model.
Today there are quite a few different models sold at Lowes, and we are going to look at a few of the most popular ones currently available.

Reliabilt 500 series Garage Doors

If you are in the market for something basic you can take a look at the ReliaBilt 500 series 99119557 Garage Door. This is a 7 x 8 foot garage door, with a thickness of two inches. This is a single layer traditional door, so there is no insulation on it. The warranty offered on this model is 15 years which is not too bad. This model however is around $249, so there is a bit of a saving if you are looking for something a bit more economical. It comes pre painted in white, and overall it is a somewhat basic design, but it still looks very nice in our opinion. Contractors looking to save money tend to like this door, especially for anyone building a house on a very tight budget.The next model we are going to look at is the Reliabilt 500 series 991195568 Garage Door. This is essentially very similar to the 99119557 door we talked about above, with a few minor differences. The first main difference is that this is an insulated garage door. This door has two layers, and it has a R value of 6.84. The second main difference is that this model it comes with a very respectable 25 year warranty, which is much more enticing. Aside from that the design is virtually identical, and it looks the same as the photo above. The most enticing part of this door is likely the price, which is around $299 or so. Compared to similar competing models this really is great value for money, and makes a very affordable way to enhance the look of your garage. In our opinion though it might be better to spend the $50 extra to get an insulated door with an additional 10 year warranty for peace of mind.

Reliabilt Traditional Series Garage Door

If you are looking for something a bit more top end, then the Reliabilt Traditional Series 123458 model is something to consider. The design is quite similar to the above models with the exceptions of the windows built into the top. This is a 9 x 7 door, and it is a triple layered door with a steel interior. It also features a superior energy efficient design, and has an extra quiet operational design. It has an R Rating of 6.58, and has a thickness of 1.375. Unlike the two models above this comes with a lifetime warranty so if you are looking for a very durable option then this is a good choice. It comes with a price tag of around $750 so it is a little on the pricey side compared to the two other models above, but this is still very reasonable compared to the competition.

Reliabilt 900 Series Garage Door

Lastly we have the Reliabilt 900 Series 123524 Garage door with windows. This is a very attractive carriage house series design with windows, and certainly helps your garage doors to stand out. This is a two layer design with a thickness of two inches, and it is insulated. It has an R Rating of 6.64 and it comes in a white finish. It also has the new SAFEShield Pinch Protection built in, which ensures that your hands and fingers can’t get pinched in the door panels. Like the model above this is more of a premium design, and it comes with a price of around $1250. It does however come with a lifetime warranty, so it should be worth the money. If you are in the market for a more upmarket design this is one to consider.


So that is a quick look at a few of the more popular Reliabilt garage doors. There are many other Reliabilt designs worth looking at though, so it is certainly worth seeing what other designs they offer. A lot of folks manage to install these themselves, so be sure to think twice before getting Lowes to install them. Otherwise another option is to look for a local contractor who will almost certainly be cheaper then what Lowes will charge you.

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