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L Shaped Shower Rods – Spacious Showering

If you have a longish bathroom or a corner shower without a enclosure, find the right size shower rod is always going to be tricky issue. The best solution in most of these cases is to get what is called a l shaped shower rod. This is essentially a shower rod that has a 90 degree bend, so it doesn’t have to span the entire length of the room, but can instead span only the length that is needed for the curtains to cover the shower area.

However, not all of these rods are created equal, so how do you go about picking the ideal one? First, we are going to talk about the different kinds of models you get, then having a look at some of the top rated models you can get. You can skip to the recommended models section using the table below, otherwise keep reading to find out what you should be looking for.

What Kind Of Models Do You Get?

When you are picking out these kinds of l shaped curtain rods, there are a few different options you will need to consider. Now the first and most important choice you will need to think about is whether or not you want a model with a ceiling support, or one without.

Unsupported Rods

Unsupported L Shaped Shower Rod These two models are quite different, and the unsupported models tend to be much cheaper. The unsupported models are attached to the wall on either end of the rod, and these types of units tend to be ok for smaller square shaped showers where you don’t need a lengthy shower rod.

If you plan on using these with a bath type shower however, you must be careful to make sure they are well supported on either end, otherwise the rod tend to sag and get lower over time due to the lack of support. The sagging normally occurs near the bend of the rod, as this is where the lack of support is. It also depends on the weight of the curtains. If you have some lightweight plastic curtains, then you should be able to get away with using unsupported l shaped shower rails. However if you have some hefty vinyl shower curtains, then we would suggest you consider a rod with a ceiling support.

Ceiling Supported Rods

L Shaped Shower Rod With Ceiling SupportA l shaped shower curtain rod with ceiling support is the best choice in our opinion, as they does not suffer from any of these flaws. These kinds of shower rails are attached to the room on two walls, whilst there is also a third support which attaches to the ceiling. The ceiling support ensures that the shower rod never sags down, so it is quite easy to see why this is the preferred option.

Of course the obvious question most people have is how can the shower curtain pull past this ceiling support if it runs up to the ceiling? The answer lies in how they are designed. There are two different kinds of l shaped shower curtain rails with supports – the restricted variety where the shower rod is pushed through the ceiling support, thus preventing the shower curtain moving past the ceiling support. And the unrestricted variety – these models have a track built into the bottom of the shower rod, which the curtain hooks clip into.

This means the curtain can freely move past the ceiling support without the hooks getting caught there. These models tend to vary quite a bit in price, although the quality unrestricted models tend to cost the most. Make sure you you double check to confirm what type it is before purchasing one.

Can You Fix A Unsupported Shower Rod That Has Started To Sag?

If you already have a unsupported rod installed which is starting to sag, then you can buy a separate ceiling support. These kinds of supports have a hole at the bottom which you can slide a rod through, but you will need to double check the diameter of your current l shaped curtain rod to ensure it will go through. If you do this then you need to keep in mind that your shower curtain will not be able to move past the new ceiling support, which is why a new ceiling supported rod with a built in track below is often the ideal solution.

Now lets take a look at some of the better rods you can currently get.

Zenna Home Unsupported Shower Rod

Zenna Home Unsupported Shower RodDespite the fact that we aren’t huge fans of unsupported rods, there are some out there that are worth looking, at such as the Zenna Home L Shaped Shower Rod. This rod comes in three different colors including the affordable white option which costs around $20, the satin nickel which goes for $35, and chrome for $45. All these models are made out of aluminum which means they will never rust. The rod is 66″L x 28″W, and it is quite easy to cut it down to size with a hacksaw. Each end is secured to the wall with four plugs, which provides a fairly secure base.

The only minor downside to this l shaped shower rails model is that the screws that attach the rod together could potentially stick up a little bit at the top of the rod. This means the curtain hooks may snag on them a little when pulling the curtain back, but isn’t really a big issue to be honest. If you are after a budget shower rod, then this one is certainly worth a look. You can find out more about this particular shower curtain rod on the Amazon product page.

ShowerAuthority Shower Rod with Ceiling Support

ShowerAuthority Shower Rod with Ceiling SupportIf you aren’t looking at spending a fortune on a unrestricted shower rod, then the ShowerAuthority Bendable Rod with Ceiling support is worth checking out. This model retails for a very respectable $75, which makes it one of the most affordable track style models we have seen. As the name suggest, this model is quite flexible, and can be bent to the shape you require. It is also quite simple to cut it down to the size you require, and you get a total length of 3 metres to play with. This model is made out of aluminum, so there is no chance of it rusting.

The one commonly discussed drawback with this l shaped shower rod is that it comes with plastic hooks, which feel quite flimsy. If you buy this rod, then we would recommend replacing them with metal ones to remedy this. Another minor flaw is that the tracks can struggle to get around the bend, especially if it is quite a tight bend. Fortunately a quick and easy solution to this is to spray a bit of WD40 or a similar lubricant in the bend area, which makes the track a little slicker.
Aside from the one or two small flaws, this model is certainly fantastic value for money. You can find out more about it and read some of the many happy user reviews over at Amazon page.

Barclay Chrome Shower Rod with Ceiling Support

Barclay Chrome Shower Rod with Ceiling SupportIf you are looking for a high quality rod with ceiling support, then the Barclay Chrome Shower Rod  is one option. This model features a restricted ceiling support, and it is very sturdy and well made. It has a lovely chrome finish on top of the brass rods, and the two rods thread into each other for a flush finish. The rods are 60″L x 26″W, and each rod can be cut to size. The ceiling support is 36″ long, and is also easy to cut to size.

It is a little pricier than the other two l shaped shower curtain rods we have looked at with a retail price of around $85, but the quality of the finished product shows that the price is certainly justified. With a 4.5 star user rating on Amazon at the time of writing, it is pretty clear why this model is a very popular choice. You can find out more about it and read some of the many happy user reviews on the Amazon listing page.


So that is a look at what your options are when picking out one of these l shaped shower rods, and some of the better models you can currently get. Make sure you measure the dimensions you require before going out and buying one. Also make sure you have a tile drill bit if you need to drill through tiles, and some backup wall plugs for the installation. Hopefully this will help you make the most out of your new rod.

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