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Stihl Trimmers – Premium Cutting Tools

In this article we are going to be talking about Stihl Trimmers, which includes both grass and hedge trimmers. We hope we can provide you with all the info you need when it comes to choosing a suitable trimmer. Our aim today is to walk you through some of the possible choices you have, and some of the important features that the various models have.

So what should you be looking for? And how much will you look at paying for a certain model? We will answer this below, but first let’s start off by talking about the history of Stihl. The recommended models are at the bottom of this page if you want to skip the history section below.

A brief history of Stihl

Some of you might be wondering about the history of Stihl, and if they are a reputable company or not. We will give a quick rundown of the company so you can decide for yourself. If this doesn’t interest you, you can skip right onto the product section directly below this.

Stihl was founded in Germany in 1926, by Andreas Stihl. In that first year they concentrated on building washing machines, but seeing a demand for additional tools in the lumber industry, they created and designed a two man chainsaw which went to production that same year. This chainsaw was primarily designed for chopping instead of felling. Fast forward 3 years, they now employ 20 people and designed a second generation chainsaw specifically for felling trees. In the next 10 years they came to employ 250 people, and introduced a portable gasoline driven chainsaw, the first of its kind.

They begin exporting their products to Italy, and established a firm reputation as one of the top chainsaw manufacturers. In 1944 tragedy stuck as their German factory was destroyed by Allied bombs, but it was rebuilt the next year once the war was over. Just 3 years later they went on to design their first all purpose tractor to great acclaim. Up until the 1960′s they continued their innovative product design, and designed the worlds first 1 man portable chainsaw, and the first two stroke diesel engine to be used for their wide range of products. In the late 1950s Eva Stihl the daughter of founder Andreas Stihl joins the company, and remains on board until 2002 to oversee the company. In 1960 the son of the founder Hans Stihl came onboard as Assisting Director.

In the 1960s they introduced more chainsaw models, which now featured their patented anti vibration technology which made them safer and easier to use. They also celebrated the production of their millionth chainsaw unit, and up to that date employed over 1000 people. In 1973 Andreas Stihl passed away, and his daughter and son took over the company. The 1970′s provided more innovation, with the company producing their first hedgetrimmer and the first grass Stihl trimmer. In the 1980s the employee headcount rose to 3500, and further enhancements to products were added included various safety aspects, and ergonomic benefits. They introduced their first leafblower in 1983.

The 1990s gave way to many more product refinements and innovations included Quickstop and and Elastostart technology for their various products. They also added pole trimmers and high pressure washers to their ever expanding product range. In 2001 the company celebrated its 75th birthday. Catalytic converters now feature on most models to comply with new green emission rulings, and their Easy2start technology made chainsaw and brushcutter units much easier to start. A new development plant is built in Waiblingen-Neustadt to cope with increased product demand. In 2009 the American Brands Council recognized Stihl as one of the biggest and most trusted brands.

What are some of the more popular Stihl Trimmers?
Generally the trimmers they sell are divided into two categories. You get the grass trimmers, and the hedge trimmers. Today we are going to look at four of the more popular trimmers from both of these groups, and talk about some of the features that each product boasts.

Stihl FS 56 RC-E Grass Trimmer

Stihl FS 56 RC-E Grass TrimmerThe Stihl FS 56 RC-E is one of the more popular trimmers for your average home user. It is a straight shaft trimmer, and has a very powerful yet extremely efficient engine. The weight of the trimmer is a low 4.8kg, so it is nice and easy to use over a long period of time without putting strain on your arms. It features green technology, which means that it produces very low emissions and helps to save the environment. Another great feature that this model comes with is the Easy2Start component. Unlike conventional trimmers where you need to give it a good jerk to get it going, the Easy2Start only requires a little tug of the starter cord to get it fired up.

The loop handle ensures easy ergonomic functionality, and the multi function control handle allows you to control the trimmer without ever needing to stop any trimming activity. And of course it comes with Stihls patented anti vibration technology, which means you get a smooth cut every time. Prices for the FS 56 RC-E model are normally around $220.

Stihl FS100 Grass Trimmer

Stihl FS100 Grass TrimmerIf you are looking for a bit more of a workhorse, then the Stihl FS100 might be what you are looking for. It contains a 1.05 kW (1.4 bhp) engine, and packs a bit more punch than the average consumer products such as the FS 56. However, like the FS 56 it does feature all the innovative technology such as reduced emission engine technology, multi control handles and anti vibration technology. One of the more noticeably differences on this model is the inclusion of the bicycle style handlebar & grips. When these are used together with the included harness, it is very easy to control the unit, and it provides hours of easy grass and weed trimming operations.

The included electronic ignition module makes sure that the unit starts every time without fail. Since this is a product aimed at professional trimmers, what would it be without transportability benefits? The main space saving benefit of this unit is that the handlebars can be rotated upwards, which means the unit can be made much more compact with the press of a button. In terms of pricing, you can expect to pay around $350 for this Stihl FS100 model.

Stihl HS45 Hedge Trimmer

Stihl HS45 Hedge TrimmerIf you are in the market for a hedge trimmer, you could hardly go wrong with a Stihl HS45. This is a great hedge trimmer for the ordinary homeowner, yet packs enough punch to shred through the toughest bush! It is part of the HomeScaper series range from Stihl, and has a 18″ long blade as standard to provide quick and fast cuts. If you need a longer blade then this can always be upgraded to a 24″ one at a later stage.

The engine power is 0.75 kW (1.01 bhp) , and the units weight is 4.7kg. It has fairly big handles so that the user can comfortably operate the unit, and anti vibration technology so that you can get the hedge cut as straight as possible. These types of hedge trimmers go for around $300 or so.

Stihl HL 90K Hedge Trimmer

Stihl HL 90K Hedge TrimmerIf you are professional trimmer, then you shouldn’t need to look much further than a Stihl HL 90K hedge trimmer. This Stihl unit is designed to hum along quietly all day, while slicing through hedges with no effort. This particular unit has a fixed angle blade for ultimate precision, and the blade length is a mighty 26″ so you can get more trimming done in a much shorter period! The low emission engine provides you with loads of power while running on next to no petrol.

The standard anti vibration technology provides smooth operation, and this unit has a multi control handle so you can operate all the functions of the machine without having to fiddle with switches located in awkward locations. The weight of the unit is 5.7 kg (13.01 lbs.), while the engine power is .95 kW (1.27 bhp). The retail price of these HS 45 professional hedge trimmers is about $419.

Where can you buy them?

You can find them at most of the big retailers, although since they are a trusted brand name you will look at paying a bit more than some of the cheaper brands on offer. You can also find them on sale at your local garden center, but they do tend to add a bit more of a markup to their prices. You can also find them for sale online, so this is another potential option to look into.


Keep in mind everything we have talked about today, and choose wisely when you are picking between the various Stihl trimmers. Remember there are two different product lines for both hedge and grass trimmers – the home and the professional units, so make sure you buy whatever is suitable for your usage.
Keep all these tips in mind, and you will be sure to have many hours of hassle free trimming!

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