Stihl Weedeaters

Stihl Weedeaters

In this day and age there is a wide variety of companies offering many different types of weedeaters. There are cheaper brands out there, and then there are brands like Stihl. You might have noticed that Stihl trimmers tend to cost a little more than the competition. Is the little extra cost justifiable? The short answer to this would be yes. The reason they cost a little extra is due to several factors which we will talk about below.
Stihl was form over 85 years ago in Germany, and over the years has come up with many amazing and innovative products in the gardening industry. They have been making weedeaters for over 30 years, and during this period of time have managed to make a superbly refined product. With this wealth of experience in the weedeater field, you can be sure you are getting a top notch product at the end of the day. Their weedeaters in particular contain a variety of patented technologies, so keep this in mind when you are wondering if you should fork out that bit of extra cash for one.

What are some of the more popular Stihl weedeater models?

Stihl offer quite a large range of models, so which one will be best for your needs? To start off with, they offer a range of weed eaters for the home user, and also a range of weed eaters for professional usage. The range designed for the ordinary homeuser is know as the HomeScaper Series, and the professional range is known as the proScaper Series. The home series is generally numbered between 45-60, for example the Stihl FS55. The Pro series is numbered between 70 and 350, so there are quite a few to choose from. Below we will take a look at two of the more popular Stihl models from both product ranges.

Stihl FS 55R

First off we are going to have a look at the FS 55R unit. This model is from the range of Homescaper units, so keep in mind that the intended usage is not for heavy duty work. The engine power of the unit is 0.75 kW (1.01 bhp) , and the weight is only 4.8kg. This unit has quite a few important features. It has an ergonomically designed loop handle, which means you can do hours of trimming without any discomfort. Another great feature is the electronic ignition module. This means that the ignition is electrically powered, and thus the trimmer can be started reliably every time compared to a conventional trimmer. In addition to the electronic ignition, it also comes with a purge pump primer to compliment that unit. By pressing the purge button, additional fuel is delivered to the carburetor thus making it start easier. If you don’t intend to use the unit too often then this is definitely a major benefit of the model. Another handy little thing is the multi control unit, which features all the various controls of the unit at your fingertips. This means you don’t need to stop whatever trimming you are doing in order to change a setting on the model. The pricing on this unit is around $200, which is quite reasonable considering all the features you are getting with it. It is a very good all round unit, and should suit most homeowners out there quite nicely.

Stihl FS 130 R

Next up we are going to look at a Stihl weedeater that has a little more power, and is designed for heavy duty work. The FS 130 is from the proScaper range of models, and is a very popular model for heavier landscaping work. The engine power is 1.4 kW (1.9 bhp), which is almost double that of the FS 55R! The larger engine means it is a little heavier, and the unit weights in at 5.6 kg. Like the FS 55R, this Stihl unit features a loop handle, electronic ignition, and the multi control handle as standard. Besides the increased engine power there are several other benefits to this unit. The first one is reduced emissions technology in use, this ensures that you get a quality product that doesn’t kill the planet! Another great benefit of this unit is the inclusion of anti vibration technology. This allows you to do very detailed cuts, without them being ruined due to excessive vibration from the unit. Stihl has incorporated this technology onto all of their top end products for many years now, and is one of the many reasons they are so far ahead of their competitors. The retail price of these units is around $399, which is quite a bit of bang for your buck.

Where is the best place to get one?

There are quite a few places where you can find these units for sale, including your local garden store/nursery, and even in bigger retail shops. Nursery prices are normally somewhat inflated, so we wouldn’t suggest looking for one there. The pricing at retail shops isn’t too bad, but the selections are normally a bit limited. The best bet is normally to look online first to check what kind of deals you can get. Some of the bigger online shops offer a big range of models at discount prices, and you can always compare prices against some of the bigger competing shops with a few clicks of your mouse. So we would recommend you check online first to see what you can find, otherwise have a look in some of the bigger retails stores to see what they have in stock.

Remember to look out for some of the features we have talked about today, and compare prices before you settle on one particular model. A Stihl trimmer is a great investment, and should give you many trouble free hours of trimming!

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