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Bemis Toilet Seats – World Renowned Quality

If you looking for a quality replacement seat for your toilet, a Bemis toilet seat might be best for you. Bemis are the biggest manufacturer of toilet seats in the world, and are know for making high quality products. In this article we are going to be talking about the company – why they are apopular choice, and looking at some of their best selling models. Read on to find out more.

Where are Bemis toilet seats made?

The company is based in Sheboygan Falls in Wisconsin, which is also where they make all their toilet seats. The company was founded in 1901, so they have been making toilet seat models for over a century now. With all this experience behind them, they have finely tuned the art of making toilet seats, and today produce some of the best and most affordable models out there.

Why should you consider buying one?

In the 1930s, a decision was made by Bemis to diversify and create a new range of products after the devastating effects of the great depression. They acquired some new patents, dyes and custom built machinery to help them with this new task, and had great success prior to the outbreak of world war two. During the time of war, they struggled to get hold of brass which they required for their seat hinges. Instead of complaining about this, they went back to the drawing board and designed a new hinge system from plastic. This ingenious piece of engineering allowed them to to keep afloat in the unstable world war two era, and ensured they were one step ahead of their competition. Even today you will find that most of the toilet seats still feature the plastic hinge design. This is one small example of the innovation and influence the company has had over the years.

What are some of their unique features?

Bemis 800DTG000 Seat
Bemis 800DTG000 Seat

Ever since Bemis invented the plastic hinge design, they have been coming up with other innovative hinge specific upgrades. These include the Bemis Slow Close toilet seat – this is great for those people who like to use the toilet at night but don’t want to wake anyone up. This also ensures that you will never slam your fingers underneath the seat. If you have kids, this is an especially useful feature.

Another feature to consider is the Bemis Easy Clean and Change toilet seat. Most of the Bemis toilet seat range are designed to be simple to clean, but certain models will un-clip with ease if you prefer to take them off to give them a clean. This also makes installing compatible models a breeze.

Also worth a mention is the Bemis Statite toilet seat technology. After installing an ordinary new toilet seat, you will often notice that it gets looser of time and slides from side to side. Not only is this annoying, but it puts a lot of strain on the hinges. Bemis toilets have come up with a solution to this with the Statite system. This ensures that the toilet seat is kept firmly in places, and cannot move in any direction.

And finally there is also the high end feature of the self-closing toilet seat. This has a sensor to close the seat when you have left – perfect for the man who never remembers to put the seat down!

What are Bemis toilet seats made of?

Today you will find their models are made in a variety of materials. Plastic is a popular one as is is quite cheap, and fairly durable. The colored plastic seats are treated with UV protection which ensures that the color will not fade over time. Another popular choice is molded composite wood. This has many advantages including unmatched durability, strength, and comes in quite a few different finishes including enamel. These are great if you want to add style and elegance to your bathroom. They also make a very small selection of seats out of bamboo, but these are very much a niche product.

What kind of shapes and colors do they come in?

Bemis toilets seats come in two different shapes. The size is standard so you don’t really need to worry about that. The shapes they come in are round and oblong. You should take a look at the shape of your current toilet seat, which will tell you which type of replacement size to look for. As a general guide, the measurements for an elongated kind will be 18.5″ from the very front of the bowl to the center of the hinge area. A round style bowl should measure about 16.5″ across the same area.

Bemis provide a color kit so you can find a good match for the seat you are after. They tend to provide a huge range of colors for each of their models, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a seat to match your bathroom decor. They also manufacturer a range of seats designed to cater to your kids. These can feature bright colors on them, and your favorite cartoon characters on the lid. This will encourage them to use the toilet, and will make potty training a little bit easier.

Popular Models

Below we will look at some of their best selling models.

BEMIS 1800EC 000 Seat

BEMIS 1800EC 000 SeatWith such a big range of products on offer, it is quite tough to single out particular models. However there are a few models that have many more user reviews than the others, such as the Bemis 1800EC 000 seat. This is one of their entry level models, and is perfect if you are on a very tight budget. This model comes in both elongated and round models (although the round version has a slightly different model number of 800EC 000). It comes with a very tempting retail price of around $25, so what do you get for that?

This is a molded plastic seat, which comes in a handful of lighter colors including white, biscuit and bone. The color shade is molded into the plastic itself, which means that minor chips and scratches won’t reveal a different color underneath. This is a Bemis Easy Clean and Change toilet seat, which makes cleaning or changing the seat much simpler. The seat is attached with non-corrosive bolts and wingnuts, so these will look good for many years.

If you are after a simple no frills seat, then this model is a really good option. You can have a look at the different color options, and read some of the many user reviews on the Amazon page.

Bemis 1200SLOWT Seat

Bemis 1200SLOWT Seat

The next one we will look at is the Bemis 1200SLOWT Seat. With a retail price of around $50 this is one of their middle of the line products, and has received many positive reviews all over the internet. This is an elongated style seat, and as the name implies it comes with the Bemis Slow Close toilet seat technology, which is great if you don’t like to wake anyone up at night be mistakenly slamming the toilet seat down.

Another handy integrated feature is the Bemis Easy Clean toilet seat system, which allows the seat to be removed in seconds. This makes cleaning it a really easy task. Also worth mentioning is the patented Bemis Statite Toilet Seat fastening system, which claims to never loosen over the lifetime of the product. With a number of nice features, and a very affordable pricetag, it is easy to see why so many different people recommend this model. At the time of writing this seat has a impressive 4.5 star rating on Amazon, and you can read more about it using this link.


So that is a quick look at what you can expect from one of their products. Bemis offer a wide range of toilet seat models to suit any budget, and come at a very affordable price. They are reliable, and will last you for many years. With this in mind choose wisely, and your new Bemis toilet seat will last you for many years!

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