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Big John Toilet Seat – Fit For A King

If you are in the market for a a comfier and roomier seat for your toilet, the Big John toilet seat may be perfect for you. A man called Mr Aitan Levy designed this seat a few years ago due to the demand for such a seat. Since the invention of the toilet seat, not much has really changed, and this is why he decided to design this particular big toilet seat. When it was launched around 2005, it was included in the gift bags at the 2005 American Century Celebrity Golf Championship. This was featured on NBC, and many sports and tv stars such as Ray Romano, Dan Marino, Donald Trump and Michael Jordan were pleasantly surprised to find a Big John in their gift bags.

Since then the product has gone from strength to strength, as is fast becoming the most popular toilet seat in America. In 2015 their product range now includes several different models, but for the sake of this article we are going to stick to talking about the original 1-W model which is the one they first released. This is still a best seller today.

What are some of the benefits of this seat?

Big John 1-W SeatMr Levy had found that many of the top athletes who have a big frame had difficulty using the average toilet seat. This was not limited to athletes – anyone with big bones, or even tall people often had difficulty using a standard toilet seat. In addition he also found that virtually everyone out there could do with a more comfortable toilet seat. Ever find you need to keep shifting on the toilet seat to get comfy? The reason for this is that toilet seats are still made to similar specifications which were designed over 100 years ago!

The average toilet seat is a tight 14 inches across. This distance has remained virtually unchanged over the last 100 years. The Big John features 19 inches of luxurious sitting space, which is much more comfy and accommodating than a standard seat. It is more like the size of a dining room or office chair than a toilet seat. The ergonomic design has been heavily focused on, to ensure that the seat is of the highest comfort quality and that stability is a key feature.

What else sets it apart from an ordinary toilet seat?

Toilet seat size comparisonThere are several things that sets the seat aside from regular seats, such as the strength and durability of it. The average toilet seat will have tiny bumpers to hold the seat in place, which puts a tremendous strain on the hinges. This often causes them to snap, which is unfortunately part of the poor design of the standard seat. Even after all these years not much has been done about this poor design, and this problem is still a common one for anyone who buys a standard seat.

On the other hand, the Big John toilet seat features large heavy duty bumpers which ensures that the seat always maintains a good grip on the bowl, and that it doesn’t put unnecessary strain on the hinges. The larger hinges add a bit of extra height to the seat too, which keeps your comfort level to a maximum. It also has stainless steel hinges, which won’t break even under the heaviest of strain.

As far as fitting goes, it will fit on the majority of elongated or round bowls. It is quite easy to install, and can replace your current seat in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to be a DIY enthusiast to fit it – that’s how easy it is to do. There aren’t too many colors to pick from, and the seat is available in a cream or white color. These two colors with match virtually every bathroom out there, so you don’t need to worry about whether it will match your current decor or not.

What warranty will you get?

In addition to the great features above, you will get a lifetime warranty with your new big toilet seat. If you somehow manage to break it, they will replace it for you free of charge. This shows how confident they are about the product, and how good it is! With a weight capacity of 1,200 lbs, breaking the seat should be very difficult!
Many people think the Big John seat is purely designed with tall people and plus size folks in mind, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is beneficial to absolutely anyone. The handicapped, the elderly, and your average Joe are some good examples of who could benefit from this seat. If you aren’t happy with your current toilet seat, then this one is for you.

Where can you buy one?

The Big John can be found in many home or DIY stores. Some good advise would be to look online first, as there are hundreds of site that offer this seat at good prices, so you will more than likely find it online at a cheaper price. If you are looking for somewhere reputable to buy, then Amazon might be the best place. At the time of writing the seat has a 4.5 star rating over there, which goes to show how highly regarded this seat it.

It does cost a little bit more than the average toilet seat, but with unmatched comfort and a lifetime warranty to back it up, the choice should be very clear about which seat you should buy. A shocking statistic is that the average person spends between 1-4 years of their life on the toilet, so why not make that time as comfortable as possible? And with the help of Big John toilet seat, you certainly can.

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