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Church Toilet Seats – World Renowned Quality

The Church company was founded in 1904 by a man called Charles F Church. His goal was to make a range of quality, affordable toilet seats. It is safe to say he succeeded with this goal, as the company has now been making Church toilet seats for over a century now, and is well known to be one of the top manufacturers of toilet seats in the world. They began in the early 20th century by making standard white toilet seats, but like most companies evolved their designs over time.

Their basic design made from wood was quite popular at the time, and over the years they have had to build multiple manufacturing plants to fulfill the demand for the product. A couple of years later the plastic seat was invented, and things really took off for Church brand toilet seats. In this day and age Church utilisies the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry, and is known for creating innovative products.

Are Church and Bemis the same company?

Before we begin, let’s clear up some confusion regarding these two companies. Church toilet seats was bought by Bemis a few years ago, so although they still make products under the Church name, they are owned by Bemis. The quantity or quality of the products they manufacturer has not changed one bit, only the ownership. Besides creating some of the best toilet seats in the world, they also distribute products overseas and nationwide.

What kind of seats do they sell?

Church 1870nisl SeatLets talk about some of the products they offer to the public. The residential sector, and the commercial field are two of the areas where offer their quality products. To help their consumers, Church offers a step through way to choose one of their products. They provide two basic sized models including the standard seat size, and they also make elongated seat models.

Depending on your personal preference, you can decide on a closed or open front model. There is no real advantage to either, so the choice will come down to what you prefer. Choosing with or without a cover will be another consideration if you have a commercial seat in mind. If you want a particular material, you will have the option of choosing wood, commercial plastic, or residential plastic. Plastic is quite popular as it is fairly cheap and durable. Wood is a bit more expensive, but adds elegance to your home.

What features are exclusive to Church seats?

A few years ago we were limited to the choice of cream or white toilet seats. Today Church toilet seats come in a wide range of exciting colors, designed to add vibrance and style to your bathroom. Some of the popular colors include sky blue, pascal pink, lime green and gloss black. You can find any color imaginable, including blends and mixes. The finishes can range from matt colors to glossy finishes. In addition to choosing a color, you will also have a choice of various features you want. Some such ones include the “slow close lid”, otherwise known as the Church slow close toilet seat. This feature is specifically designed so that you can’t slam the seat on your fingers, perfect for kids. It is also handy if you tend to use the bathroom late at night, and don’t want to wake anyone else up accidentaly by slamming the seat.

Others seats are made with fire retardant materials, and some models come with features like the “Self Sustaining Hinge Check” which allows the seat to be kept in a certain elevated position. This is mainly for medical reasons, and the company offers a few models to cater for the needs of people who require medical care. Other popular safety seats include the “Safety Side Arms Seats”, which allow you to keep your balance while on the toilet. Church brand toilet seats also offer lift seats to help you get onto the toilet if you have mobility issues.

Church 540EC-000 Seat

Church 540EC-000 Toilet SeatWith such a large range of seats for sale, it is quite hard to really pinpoint the best ones. However we will look at two of the current best sellers in their product range, to give you an idea of what to expect. First up is the 540EC-000 seat, which is one of the most affordable ones they offer. This is a wooden toilet seat, and comes with a very enticing RRP of only around $19. It features a multiple layer enamel finish, which is designed to be scratch resistant. This seat comes in both round and elongated shapes.

It also has non corrosive wing bolts and nuts, and is very easy to install. This Church Easy Clean toilet seat is great value for money, and is a decent basic choice. At that price you will struggle to find something better, and it is easy to see why this is one of their top sellers. With a high star rating on Amazon, it seems like a decent buy.

Church 18170NISL-000 Seat

ChuRch 18170NISL-000 Toilet SeatNow if you are looking for something a bit more premium, then the 18170NISL-000 seat could be what you are after. This a Church elongated toilet seat made out of wood, and comes with a RRP of around $75. This may seem a little pricey for a toilet seat, but it does come with a number of different features. The wood is a high density blend that has a high gloss finish, which gives it a ceramic like appearance. This coating is designed to be chip and scratch resistant.  You will find this seat available in white and black. Also worth mentioning is the whisper close design, which is always great to have. And like the cheaper models, this also comes with the Church Easy Clean toilet seat and change system.

This model comes with the Church STATITE toilet seat fastening system, which ensures you seat never comes loose. Cheaper seats have the tendency to loosen over time, which often leads to broken hinges. Complimenting this seat are the nickel Church toilet seat hinges, which give it a very premium look. Lastly there is the Duraguard protection built into this seat, which provides Antimicrobial protection. Overall this is a quality seat, and will certainly add some style to your bathroom. It has many 5 star ratings on Amazon, and you can read more about it over here.

2021 Update:
It looks like this seat has unfortunately been discontinued, so we have removed the link above. A good alternative is the Bemis 19170CHSL 000 Alesio II toilet seat, which is quite similar. You can get some info on this model and read some of the many good reviews over on the Amazon listing.


With Church toilet seats you can have a great time giving your bathroom a facelift. Home decorating has become a big thing in recent years, and the bathroom is no exception. Remember though that you need to check the sizing before you buy your toilet seat. These seats are designed to fit on most standard toilets, but it can’t hurt to double check. Also have a look at your current decor, and try to find someting that will match or compliment it.

You will find that there is a Church seat to match most styles or themes out there. So choose wisely, and you can be sure of finding a quality seat that will last you for many years to come!

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